ARCT is a complete paging system with a choice of transmitters that can support from 20 to 999 pagers. ARCT is available pocket style, paddle style, and coaaster style versions which can be mixed and matched. Paging system kits are available in 5, 10, and 20 pager kits. The ARCT system has been thoughtfully designed to be highly economical as well as user friendly and functional. Fast easy programming using the included transmitter. Setup takes just a few minutes. SELECT an ARCT paging system below.

Prime Access has recently added the complete family of ARCT paging systems to their pager lineup. They can be purchased as a complete package which can consist of up to 20 pagers. The paging system kits are available from Prime Access in various kit versions of 5, 10, and 20 pager kits. There is also a choice of three pager types: pocket, paddle and coaster. Pager types may be mixed and matched within a system allowing for every possible pager system need. The ARCT paging systems uses pagers which are user friendly, economical, highly innovative, easily navigated and quite functional. These can be manually programmed via the included transmitter. The entire programming process takes only a few minutes. The pagers have a one touch call, one touch cancel and an auto recall option. The user can select the type of alert: tone, vibration, flash or a combination of these. All pagers have a rechargeable built-in battery which are recharged by the included charging bases.

The ARCT paging system comes in pocket, paddle, and coaster-style which can be mixed and matched easily with a single transmitter. The paddle style pagers have a small calling card sized insert pocket, while the pocket style pagers include a removable belt clip.

These pagers are popular in hospitals, restaurants, customer notification, patient notification or wherever required a simple low cost solution is desired.

ARCT Paging Systems
Ideal for paging restaurant wait staff, customers, patients or anywhere notification is required.
Starting at just $549.95.   SELECT an ARCT paging system above.


  • Choose pocket style, paddle style, or coaster style pagers; or mix and match
  • Choose a 5 pager, 10 pager, or 20 pager kit
  • Pocket style pagers include a removeable heavy duty belt clip
  • Paddle style pagers include a calling card-sized ad insert pocket
  • Additional pagers can be purchased individually
  • One-touch call, One-touch cancel, Auto recall
  • One-touch all-call
  • Tone / Vibration / Flash or combination
  • Designed for staff and guest paging applications
  • Self programmable through transmitter
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • 10-pager charging caddy included in 5 & 10 pager kits; Two caddies included in 20 pager kit
  • Covers approx. 3000 ft. radius from transmitter