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We Carry All Major Brands: Apollo, Unication, Daviscomms, Motorola

Prime Access is one of the largest providers of high quality new and refurbished hospital pagers. In addition to providing pagers to the health care industry, we also cater to the professional and commercial sectors, as well as paging resellers. Our factory-direct pricing saves our customers hundreds of dollars on every order. We are an international pager wholesaler of new and refurbished pagers selling to the US, Canada, and Europe. We carry brand new Apollo, Unication, and Daviscomms Pagers as well as refurbished Motorola pagers. All new pager models are available in narrow band or wide band formats. Many new pager models are switchable between wide and narrow band modes. All pager models are guaranteed to be 100% compatible with all nurse call systems.

If you are currently buying new or replacement pagers for your health care facility or other industrial entity, you are probably paying substantially more than necessary. When you purchase Pagers from Prime Access, your order is shipped directly from the factory, saving time and money. Orders are generally shipped within 2 business days, and our prices will surprise you. To truly appreciate the advantage of buying your pagers from Prime Access request a price list.

Apollo Pagers are now our number one selling hospital and health care facility pager, and nurse call system pager. Apollo pagers are known for their rugged construction, durability, and the longest guarantee in the paging industry. Users can set the frequency, capcode and baud rate by hand as well as by a programming cradle. All Apollo pagers are fully compatible with all hospital, nursecall, police, fire, military and other on-site and in-house paging systems as well as all public paging systems. All models are available in pocsag format (512, 1200 and 2400 baud rates), while most models are also available in Flex and dual-mode (flex and pocsag) formats. All frequencies and formats are supported, and all models carry an 18-month guarantee.

Apollo Voice Pagers are now the most economical and reliable method of receiving wireless voice messaging service. These models are now the number one choice among firefighters and other emergency response teams. All models incorporate message memory to insure that each message is received accurately. The VP101 has dust resistance and the VP200 has both dust and water resistance. All models are now available in narrow band format as well as wide band.


Intrinsically Safe Pagers

  • Numeric Models: T2000
  • Alpha Models: 924, 929 Gold, Gold Plus, Pilot, Pilot XP, BR802

Water-resist Pagers

  • Alpha Models: Pilot XP
  • Voice Models: VP200
  • Coaster Pager: Apollo Air